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License Plate Bracket for Gen 1 and Gen 2 Raptors to shift license plate up if desired to allow utilization of the bumper grille opening. Can be mounted upside down for a similar to stock mount. Sturdy, light weight, corrosion resistent, and stable enough to hold up on the trails.


Tired of all your aftermarket parts rusting? Don't worry the 316 Stainless Steel components and hardware will resist rust even through the saltiest of winters. Norse Offroad parts are built for the north. The satin black powdercoat gives a clean look to match with any paint color. 


Can be mounted anywhere on bumper, or on different vehicles, but will likely require drilling.

F150 Raptor Front License Plate Bracket

SKU: 000045

1 License plate X-bracket

2 Bracket Mounting Bolts 

2 Bracket Mounting Spacers

4 License Plate Mounting Bolts

4 License Plate Mounting Spacers

6 Nylock Nuts

12 Washers

Note: For Gen 2 your bracket mounting hardware will be a different size than the license plate mounting hardware.


Optional: 1 Norse Offroad Rune Brand Vanity Plate

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