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Headliner Bracket to replace the sunglasses holder with a universal mounting bracket. If you are looking for a mounting solution for a switch panel or a VHF Radio at an easy to access location this what you need!

The Headliner Bracket features slots for mounting whatever you need, paired with a large hole for wire and harness routing, along with openings for tool access to mounting hardware. The mounting slots and large side slots allow the Headliner Bracket to be rotated to face the bracket more towards you.

Hardware is also supplied to reinforce the inner headliner structure if mounting heavier components to the Headliner Bracket.

Don't forget to download the installation instructions via our Installation Instructions page under Products. 

09-14 F150 Headliner Bracket

SKU: 000063

4 #10 Mounting Bolts

2 #10 Inner Headliner Securing Bolts

6 Lock Nuts

16 Washers

2 Jam Nuts (thinner)

3 Grommets

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